The original Drummers for JESUS Chapter was formed in Dallas, TX with Jon Skaggs and myself, Friends of DFJ percussion team at Lakepointe Church, getting together for lunch. Jon and I thought that it would be a great fellowship if more drummers could get together in the name of the Lord. And so, that’s how it started. That was two years ago and the member base has grown to about 100 Friends of DFJ in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

What you need to do start a Drummers for JESUS Chapter:

1. FIND A PLACE TO MEET – the Dallas DFJ meets at my home, unless there is a clinic then we meet at church, the Tucson chapter meets at a church. I have found that a Monday or Tuesday evening is the best time to meet because there are fewer rehearsals and things going on early in the week.

2. CONTACTING – Invite as many drummers (and non drummers who are interested in attending), make calls to local worship leaders and tell them to tell their drummers and percussionists about Drummers for Jesus and your next meeting time and a bit about the fellowship or ask for the drummers telephone #’s and call them yourself (a combination is what I do). Start with a few calls or a lot of calls, whatever you feel the timing of that duty is.

3. AGENDA – Set up a program for the evening or afternoon activities of a meeting. Here is the way we outline our activities in Dallas:

a) Have food fellowship from 7:00-7:30pm (this gives the attendees time to wander in and to mingle a bit). [What I do is provide the food and ask the attendees to bring drinks and desserts – I’ve had cold cuts from the deli, pizza, Subway, hamburgers & hot-dogs, + sides, etc…] I find that I can feed 20 people for about 20 dollars.

b) Take prayer requests and praises and have prayer time. Then there are short announcements from the host and attendees (whatever announcement someone would like to make).

c) Have a short devotional, and I try to keep this to about 5-10 minutes because I don’t want everyone to feel that they are being “preached” at .. It’s more like I am sharing my thoughts on a subject conducive with being a Christian, a human being and a drummer.

d) We usually have two or three drummers play prepared pieces of music to tracks (usually music minus one worship tracks) which are available in our store). This is mainly for the beginning drummers who have never played in front of people. This is a great motivational and encouragement portion and the older players always lift the younger players up.

e) We jam, or play ping pong, or watch videos … really whatever anyone chooses to do, but it’s basically a “hang”.

4. CLINIC – if we have a clinic then the clinician is asked to give a testimonial/devotional on a subject of their choosing as well as play and answer questions.

So, that’s about it. MOSTLY, you have to LOVE THE LORD and have the desire to want to devote some of your time to getting some guys together. It may take a bit more time in the beginning with assembling names and contacts, but after you are up and running it doesn’t take a lot of time to keep a local chapter going.

If you have a chapter and need to have a website built, or have other questions, please contact us. When forming a chapter, there will be a form that will be sent to you to fill out so that we may have information about you. All financial activities must be approved by Carlos Benson, Director of Drummers for Jesus, Inc.